Sensory Integration

Weighted Lap Pads, Blankets & Shoulder Wraps Restore Calm and Emotional Equilibrium to the Body.
Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) is incredibly important for children who struggle with sensory over stimulation and neuro developmental disorders. It is an essential form of therapy when it comes to regulating emotions and managing behaviour, ADHD, Melt-downs and tantrums, Anxiety, Hyperactivity and poor concentration & Anger are just some instances that have seen the benefit of weight therapy. Typically, lap pads should weigh less than 2 Pounds; or between 5% and 10% of a person's body weight, although there are various sizes and weights available. They should feel snug, comfortable and heavy when used.

We pride our selves on making Industry leading special needs resources and equipment.  We help parents, carers, nursery's and schools realise the full potential of children with additional and special educational needs. 

Our signature Weighted Lap Pads are designed to help with autism, stress, anxiety, ADHD and other sensory processing disorders. Our weighted Lap Pads are perfect for using in the classroom, in the car or use at home when doing homework and winding down before bedtime. The Lap Pad is made from wipe clean fabric for practical professional use and is filled with little bean bags to give an amazing weighted feel.
We offer the addition of a soft cover to use for calming and relaxing.