Choice Boards & Visual Timetables

Our Bags become choice boards & our communication books become bags.  Our boards range from A4 in size to A2...
Just as the name suggests, a choice board will give an adult or child the opportunity to make a choice.  All of our resources are designed to be needs specific so we suggest that you use then in the best way that supports your needs.  Sometimes an adult or child can only cope with making a choice from two things to start with.  It may then be possible to more to four or maybe six things to choose from.....everyone is unique.

Visual timetables enable the user to be able to easily see and track what is going to happen during part of or all of the day.  Some people do not cope very well with change so we use the visual timetable to help prepare for the day and adjust to what is happening in good time.  It's a fabulous tool as there are no sudden events that may otherwise be hard to deal with.