About Us

We pride our selves on making Industry leading special needs resources and equipment.  We help parents, carers, nursery's and schools realise the full potential of children with additional and special educational needs. 

We offer engaging and truly exclusive products at reasonable prices. Bright, engaging and interactive... an ideal way to learn...and really enjoy learning and communication.

Being a parent to a special-needs child takes a unique kind of knowledge, courage, dedication and flexibility.  There is no right way to do things...your child is totally unique. Is there an expert who can tell you exactly what is best for your child both now and in the future?

You'll learn by trying new things, seeing what works and of course what doesn't work and hopefully you are in a position to gather all the support and resources that you need.

Your role as a parent is unique and complex, just as your child is.  We design and create resources for people on the Autistic Spectrum because we believe that with the right kind of support they can succeed at home, at school, and in their communities.

We want them to enjoy life, set goals within their reach, make friends, keep friends, grow, learn, achieve and know who they are, and feel a sense of belonging in the world.

I believe that people with autism spectrum disorders can have rich, fulfilling lives...if they are shown the way.

I speak with passion because I speak from the spectrum.  I have first hand experience with being different and having my own unique experience of the world.  The products that I design are a little different from the industry standard.

To me being different as an adult is positive and having special needs is nurturing.  One of my favourite things to do is sew....I like to make patterned quilts using fabrics with a range of colour and texture.  My issue was keeping my mind on what I was doing.   Unfortunately  when my mind wandered off so did my straight lines.

Emmm..what to do?  So I decided to make myself a weighted Lap pad.  This pad weighs a little more than 10% of my body weight and it's my favourite thing.

It makes me feel relaxed, I feel centred and calm and somehow more focused.......and guess what....I can sew straight lines when I have it on my knee.

So of course I sell Weighted Lap Pads and Blankets.  I sew each and everyone myself and they make me smile. I design bags that are choice boards and communication books that are bags and giant visual timetables.....why....because it's the difference that makes the different and everyone should have reasons to smile.

Anyway....that's enough about me.....I hope that you are inspired by my products.

All the best,

Elly x

All symbols that we use in our resources are used with permission and under copyright licence from 
PCS Boardmaker Dynavox 

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