Weighted Blankets and Mental Health…

Weighted blankets are being used in mental health units so that patients can soothe themselves.

A patient with bipolar 1 disorder, anxiety, ADHA, and dyslexia was taught about deep pressure tough strategies to alleviate severe symptoms of sensory over overload and anxiety.

Mental health units using weighted blankets saw a big decline in the use of seclusion and restraint as well as safety sitters.  The primary job of a safety sitter is to keep a patient safe…preventing, self harm, overdosing and suicide.

The reports are that people who used the blankets felt calmer, more grounded, safe and secure.  They also felt more centered, had improved concentration and deceased stress and anxiety.

Many people reported that the weighted blanket worked miracles.

One sensory specialist in this area said:” I have observed that the deep pressure is helpful for patients.  They start to relax, they make increased eye contact and where there was rapid speech…the speech slows down.  They have a general look of physical pain relief.”

Patients report that they have a feeling of being given a big hug.  They also feel less agitated and calmer.  Many patients are receptive to using weighted blankets because they wish to try  different sensory interventions.  After people get to try sensory methods they tend to know what they need..such as a fidget…headphones or a weighted blanket.

Practitioners are constantly seeking ways of funding the blankets so that patients have more resources.