Weighted Blankets and Special Education…

Weighted blankets, weighted shoulder wraps and weighted lap pads ought to be a staple in both mainstream and special education classrooms.  They are often used in a “quiet room” where a young person can relax from being anxious or stressed.

Often whilst working students will use a weighted lap pad or neck wrap to keep their anxiety down.  The blanket calms them down so that they can focus and do their work.  Teachers actually report that students seek them when things start to overwhelm them.

One teacher said – “Weighted blankets are a fantastic way to calm an anxious or jumpy child.  Not only does it calm them, they are more productive and are able to focus for longer intervals.”

Another teacher – “I am a special education teacher and I know so many children who would benefit from these.  They are so much less stigmatizing than some of the weighted vests on the market that scream……look at me…..there’s something wrong…..again, I love mine.”

and a 3rd – I have them use it when they are overloaded, or in conflict with another kid, or simply frustrated.  I have them use it in any situation where a hug would help, but they don’t want touch.  The blankets provide a long term hug.  They use it when they need to get settled.

Are weighted resources on hand for your child to use in class?

How much difference might they make to your child’s learning experience?

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